An interesting history of origin

AB Zuid-Holland helps employers find employees and job seekers find employers. Originally, "green" was our domain—the agricultural sector. However, AB Zuid-Holland is now active in many different sectors. As a business owner, only one thing matters: the continuity of your company. This was the case in the past as well, which is why small cooperatives were established in the 1960s to provide company caretakers in case of emergencies. Today, these collaborations have merged into AB Zuid-Holland. Our cooperative still pursues the same goal: ensuring continuity in entrepreneurs' business operations.

  • 1955
  • 1959
  • 1997
  • 2005
  • 2023

In the mid-1950s, the Netherlands experienced significant economic growth, resulting in a high demand for labor in various industries. At the same time, mechanization was taking place, requiring fewer workers to cultivate the land. They transitioned from agricultural businesses to work in other sectors.

Agricultural companies became smaller in terms of workforce, making them more vulnerable to illness. There was also a need for labor during seasonal peaks. In 1959, the first farmers' assistance association was established, providing assistance in case of illness or death of the entrepreneur and redistributing available labor among them.

On December 14, 1959, four farmers decided to join forces and founded the first "Cooperative Farmers' Assistance Service." In case of illness, particularly, a company caretaker could be called in to take over the farm's operations. After all, the cows needed to be milked, and the harvest had to be taken care of, etc.

This development sparked the interest of other farmers, leading to the rapid emergence of multiple local cooperatives throughout the Netherlands. In South Holland, the first farmers' assistance was offered in the early 1960s by the association called "Delfland." More and more associations joined the central federation, which had the core task of providing personnel in case of emergencies and redistributing labor during peak periods.

To increase their effectiveness, local associations were gradually merged into regionally operating cooperatives over the years. The importance of these mergers was the creation of greater innovative strength and the ability to share costs. In the mid-1990s, the "Delfland" and "Rijnstreek" associations in Zuid-Holland started collaborating, and later, the "Zuid-Hollandse Eilanden" and "Westland" associations joined as well.

By the late 1990s, employees were no longer only used as replacements for agricultural entrepreneurs but also for performing sector-specific tasks such as hoof care, trimming boxwood shrubs, and selecting potatoes. Additionally, the organization expanded its presence beyond the agricultural sector into related branches with the same work mentality. Our employees can be found in sectors such as landscaping, construction, food, logistics, industry, and civil engineering and water management.

AB Zuid-Holland, in its current form, has existed since 2005. It offers agricultural business support, various specialized services provided by well-trained and, where necessary, certified employees, professional equipment, a full-fledged staffing branch to provide employees in various sectors during peak times, training quality inspectors for the food industry, pest control, animal shearing, tree planting machines, and so on. AB Zuid-Holland operates from three regional offices in Wateringen, Hazerswoude-Dorp, and Stellendam, ensuring excellent accessibility everywhere. Here's to another 60 years! We are ready!

By focusing on the future while also not losing sight of our heritage, AB Zuid-Holland is known to this day as a reliable, no-nonsense, and people-oriented organization. AB Zuid-Holland continues to adapt and move forward with its members and customers. We constantly explore ways in which we can provide added value. There is now a wide range of services that our specialists can offer, too many to mention. We continue to work based on our cooperative mindset; together with each other and for each other.