Our story

Our story

How we grow natural work happiness

We put the right people in the right place At AB Zuid-Holland.

We believe in healthy professional growth and support you in achieving this. Our cooperative roots have taught us the importance of looking after, and looking out for, one another. Which is why, in a fast-moving world, we create space for genuine contact and connection.

Where ‘just fine’ is good enough

Employing a down-to-earth approach, we connect entrepreneurs and go-getters in every sector, with a focus on the agricultural and food sector. We provide support to our clients and members and adapt this to whatever the day brings. This is mainly achieved by carefully finding the right people and putting them in the right place. We offer these people a job to be proud of, as we believe a good match leads to natural work happiness.

Sustainable relationships for a growing network

We are focused on creating and maintaining long-term relationships, which we use to connect our members, clients and employees in a sustainable way. We achieve this by taking time to listen to your needs and requirements, organising social events and meetings and observing your knowledge and expertise first hand. This enables us to create a network in which everyone can grow and flourish. 

What is our promise to you?


We provide perspective by focusing on good employment practices and terms and conditions, meaning we invest in long-term success and happiness together. 


It is vital to us that your work has a positive influence on your life, which is why we like to work closely with you, regularly exceed expectations and ensure a sustainable match.



This is what we give our members, clients and their families. This is how we help people and businesses to grow healthily and cultivate natural work happiness.

Our core values


Sustainable relationships