Invest in your own work happiness. You matter to us.

Recognise yourself in the following:

  • You have some previous agricultural experience and want to acquire more in-depth knowledge

  • You have an inquisitive attitude and you want to invest in your future

  • You are a real go-getter

  • You are not afraid to step outside your comfort zone 

  • You have a driving licence and your own transport (car)

5 x YES? Then we invite you to read more about the AB Traineeship

At AB Zuid-Holland, we believe in healthy growth. If you want to grow professionally, we will support you every step of the way. Our cooperative roots mean we naturally understand the importance of looking after, and looking out for, one another. This is why we offer six motivated trainees the opportunity to follow the programme on an annual basis.

During the AB Traineeship, you will learn how to operate successfully in your future profession. But this doesn’t mean reading and understanding heavy textbooks. Instead, you will learn a profession through practical experience. For an entire year, you will receive guidance, coaching and training from our professionals. All to ensure your work happiness! It is essential that you learn about, and understand, your chosen profession, to ensure you can make a successful start as a fully-qualified professional.

You will be trained to become an agricultural specialist. For example, you can be trained (in consultation) to become a hoof trimmer, relief worker or skilled worker. You will work independently at different employers, and can always rely on the stability and support of our cooperative. A job for the future!

What do we offer you?

  • A complete practice based programme designed to train you to become an agricultural specialist.

  • A year of coaching, guidance and training from our professionals.

  • A job guarantee after completion of the training programme.

  • An appropriate salary.

  • An employer who promotes and supports your work happiness.

What next?

Invest in yourself. You matter! Follow the next steps in order for us to welcome you at the AB Traineeship.

Step 1: Apply to the AB Traineeship

Register using the link below.

Step 2: Initial interview

We will arrange an introductory meeting.

Step 3: Is there a positive connection?

Then you will be invited for a follow-up meeting with a representative from our Human & Resource department.

Step 4: A yes from both sides?

After we sign the contract, we’ll establish together your learning objectives and your start date.

Step 5: After one year traineeship

You will become a fully qualified agricultural specialist, ready to work independently at AB Zuid-Holland.